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2018-2025 BOLD GOALS

In 2017, United Way of Northeast Louisiana launched a Community Listening Tour, during which United Way employees and volunteers captured aspirations people have for our community. During the Tour, over 75 conversations were held for more than 560 participants in 5 parishes and over 27 Northeast Louisiana cities. 

The feedback recorded during these conversations has helped shape United Way’s strategic direction for the next 7 years as part of our 2018-2025 Impact Goals.

These goals include helping 2,025 struggling families become more financially stable and engaging 70,000 Northeast Louisianans to help build a stronger, more inclusive community, among others.

Learn more by downloading the United Way of Northeast Louisiana Community Conversation Report or text WinUnited to 51555 to view on your mobile device.

Download the United Way of Northeast Louisiana Bold Goals one sheet here. 

Be sure to also watch our video about United Way of Northeast Louisiana's Strategic Bold Goals below! 


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