Entergy Utility Assistance

Thank you for your interest in the Entergy Bill Assistance program. United Way of Northeast Louisiana was pleased to partner with Entergy to provide this relief to our communities.

EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, 8/18 at 10:00 a.m. CST:

The application process for Entergy Bill Assistance has CLOSED for

United Way of Northeast Louisiana and the 12 parishes we serve.

Our organization received a large number of applications from Entergy customers over a short period of time. Entergy Bill Assistance provided to our region has reached its funding capacity and is now closed.

Note to applicants:

Thank you for submitting your application for the Entergy Bill Assistance Program. We have received your application and are notifying you that processing has begun.

Due to a high volume of applications, our processing time has been extended. United Way of Northeast Louisiana will keep you informed by email as the process continues. No further action is needed from you.

Should you need additional utility bill assistance, please visit Entergy’s Bill Help page for other resources: http://entergy-louisiana.com/bill-help/